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The Pink Rocket Project

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Our Mission


To get more women interested in STEM fields and to continue encouraging those women to pursue their STEM passions.


Break both the social and technological barriers when it comes to women in engineering. One launch at a time!


Not just talk the talk. Walk the Walk!



Building Liquid Propellent Rockets

"Take your daughters and Sons to Work Day" 06/21/2019

Northrop Grumman had an event this week where all of its employees at Redondo Beach had the chance to bring their children for an enriching STEM day. 

Northrop Grumman, as it is well known, is an American global aerospace and defense technology company. We were lucky enough to be a part of this event to stimulate young children to see STEM as the innovated and forward thinking it really is!

As a way to make it fun, we decided to have bottle rockets and make paper airplanes with the children. And when we say this day was as rewarding as it looks: it is an understatement!

Hope to see you next year Northrop!

Rocket Lab USA Visit 06/07/019



California State University, Long Beach


1250 N Bellflower Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90840

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The pink rocket project was an idea that started as a simple dream: encouraging women to continue pursuing STEM careers! This idea soon became a reality in the year 2018. Of course the pink rocket project is what it says it is a full blown liquid propellant rocket sixteen feet in height with a 600 pound initial thrust. Behind the rocket is an outstanding team of engineering students who designed and built the rocket from start to finish. Take a look below to meet the inspiring ladies who made this project happen! 

P.S.: Do not forget to check out our main website page. The pink rocket project is under the Beach Launch Team and we are very proud of it!

Jessie Flanders


Hello my name is Jessie Flanders, and I am a second year aerospace engineering major! Being one of very few female members on the Beach Launch Team is sometimes challenging, but after the three of us rallied together, all the members on the team clearly saw the importance of a pink rocket. I enjoy being a part of this team because of the people that I get to be with everyday. I'd like the pink rocket to be a symbol of power and hope for younger girls. I want this to encourage more women in S.T.E.M. and promote inclusive of everyone in space. I STRONGLY believe that the future is female! And we have to keep pushing for complete equality and inclusion.

Fadwa Naji

Hey! My name is Fadwa Naji and I am currently studying Physics at the California State University, Long Beach. 

I am proud to say I am the current Project Manager for the Beach Launch Team as well as a spokesperson for The Pink Rocket Project. 

Angelica Luquin

Hello! My name is Angelica Luquin and I am a double major in aerospace engineering and applied mathematics!


Being a part of a rocket team who is pushing boundaries in liquid propellant rockets for a university team. I am grateful for the supporting teammates that I have as I am one of the few female members of the team. 


As an aspiring female engineer I understand how important it is to encourage other women to follow their dreams especially if it involves a career in STEM. Sometimes just a simple phrase of “I support you” can give a girl the self-esteem she needs to follow her goals regardless if there is a stereotype that society has pushed young girls into believe they can only be a certain way. That is why I believe a pink rocket can be this symbol.  The pink rocket will be a beacon for women everywhere pursuing STEM careers that it is possible to break boundaries and reach new frontiers.