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Rocket Lab Visit to CSULB!!!

We had the amazing honor to host the CEO and founder of Rocket Lab Company, Peter Beck. Easy to say in a few words: the whole team was nerding out.

As you may know already, Rocket Lab is a private aerospace company that focuses on small satellite technology. They continuiosly launch satellites into space in order to collect data for further research. The company is fairly new as it was founded in 2006, but since its birth has already had seven lauch missions one of which was a partnership with NASA.

Beck coming visiting out humble university lab at Calisfornia State University Long Beach meant a lot to us as we aspire to one day be as innovative and fast growing as Rocket Lab. Many people on the team asked many questions reagrding to various rocket problems and solutions on how to improve our deisgn and manufactring. As the meeting/tour came to a close one thing was for sure: we will be telling our grandhchildren about the day we met and talked to PETER BECK!!!!!

#beachlaunchteam #pinkrocketproject

#csulb #peterbeck #rocketlab

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